Friday, 10 February 2012

Who we are?? Current volunteers

I’m Chiara, the new volunteer of Edra.
I’m from the southern Italy.
I study psychology and after my first degree I thought to make an foreign experience before subscribing at the second university. I decided for the EVS project, because I want to practice my studies and also to learn a foreign language. When I was reading the Edra’s project I thought that this was the perfect project for me!!! I like this project and the work in a day-care center with Aspasia, Anna and the others volunteers very much. The atmosphere in the day-care center is very nice and I like to work with the users of the center, although I don’t understand the greek language and I don’t speak with them, but almost always you need just a smile to communicate or some words as “Kalà”, “Bravo” and “Pame”… I hope to learn more!
I came to Athens in April and now for me is all to be discovered!!!! Athens is a beautiful city, full of contradictions, a city between the East and the West and I like it for this reason. There is everything you want: art, culture, entertainment, good music, the beach and the mountains (also the hills, as Lycavittos ) and above all good food!!! The only thing that I don’t like in Greece is the coffee, but I’m Italian and for sure this is only a problem for Italian people!!!
In conclusion, I strongly recommend young people to participate, because for sure the EVS is a huge experience in different fields. It’s a chance to get involved in multiculturality and it is a funny experience for you!!!:)

Geia sas!!
I am Joaquin Zamora Campoy. I am from Spain and I have 24 years old. 
When I finished my degree I tought what I could do after my studies,I studied psychologist.
The idea came becuase one friend of mine made the EVS and he was always speaking me very good about her experience so I told to myself, why not??
I think to be a volunteer is very good way to learn other people, reality, country, ways to work, is just perfect experience!
I was looking for one organization where I could develop everything I learnt in my studies, so the better way was something in relation with the social area, and I found EDRA.
I am working in the Boarding House Hippocrates, around one month and half ago and my first contact was very good, even If i didn´t know nothing about greek, but now is getting better in all the senses.
I really like Greece! Is a beautiful country with a lot of contrasts to discover , I am living a very nice and now experience here.
I will keep you informed about how is going on... ;-)

My name is Tobias and I am from from Landshut in the south of Germany. I am one of the current volunteers at the day care center of EDRA. I just arrived at the first of March and I will stay for six month here in Athens. In the day care center I assist the stuff in the dialy work, especially at the arts and crafts workshops.
I always wanted to do a gapyear after high school, because in my opinion is very important to break out of you routine enviroment before you continue to study at the university. I hope to gain some very valuable experiences in the next half year.
What I can say after the first few days, this project is the perfect choice for me. It`s different to my usual life (as I had e.g. no experience in the work with disabled before) but I have an easy time adapting to everything. As our flat is pretty centrally located, you get to know other EVS -volunteers, ERASMUS-students and Greeks very fast. And as I am open minded person and I like to discuss a lot, I already met many nice people with very interesting backgrounds in my few days in Athens. you know a bit about me and the expriences of my first days here and maybe I could help you if you also thing about to make the EVS in EDRA!

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