Friday, 30 March 2012


Demi with two of the volunteers, Julia from Spain and Adele from France ;)

My name is Demi Jackson and I am 30 years old. I found EDRA two years ago when I decided to do the EVS program. I carried out a project in Germany supporting the workers in a kindergarten for 8 months. It was a wonderful experience and when I came back I decided to be a volunteer for  EDRA ..
Since then, I am volunteering as a mentor for the volunteers who come for  EVS in EDRA.
From my volunteer experience, I discovered that EVS is an opportunity which offers a lot of experience and knowledge and also helps young people to develop very strongs feelings in the community, with your partners, their collegues in work...and of course between themselves! 
So, my first experience as a volunteer abroad made me think that  it  would be very nice to help other volunteers who come to Greece in their process of adaptation, because we share the shame emotions, experience, expectations, worries and dreams and I can understand their "situation" and their feelings.
I think EDRA makes a very good "job" with the volunteers, and for that reason I decided to be a mentor for them!
I have met already a lot of them..and it is very rewarding to see the volunteers being very happy here,
So for now it is really a pleasure to work with them!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Do you want to participate in youth music festival in Cyprus??

The Euro-Mediterranean Youth Music Expo is a four-day event which combines various modalities of high-level youth music activities and productions embracing all musical genres. This large-scale event will bring together over 200 young musicians (young soloists, youth bands and orchestras from all musical backgrounds, classical, ethnic, jazz, rock, hip-hop, reggae etc), music teachers, organizers and professionals altogether related for a multilevel educational and artistic fair which includes workshops, seminars, open-air public concerts, music labs and more!
It will also be a meeting point for young musicians and professionals working in the field of cultural management and other related services (cultural NGOs, production companies, record labels, recording studios, web design and developers, music schools and academies) that will be invited from all over the Mediterranean in order to share their experience and advise/train the young musicians and participants on professional career development issues.
By participating in the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Music Expo, young musicians (under 30) will have the opportunity to initiate future collaborations, meet other young musicians and organizers, promote their work, express their opinion and learn about the latest hot topics in international music cooperation.
The Expo, held in Limassol (Cyprus) – a beautiful sea-port and resort city placed on the southeastern edge of the EU, will offer you the opportunity to meet different cultures and traditions, expressed not only through music, but also through gastronomy, sightseeing and architecture.

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Do you want to be VOLUNTEER in one of the biggest music festivals in Greece?? Check here!

To Rockwave Festival began its journey in 1996.

Born from the need to create a genuine pop - rock music institution in Greece. Since then, covering the most successful 16th year, the Rockwave Festival can boast that the target has been achieved, and more than a festival - an institution of our country, is the most perfect festival in Eastern Europe.
He is a member of YOUROPE (Official European Union the largest festival, with more stringent inclusion criteria, approved by Brussels) and ETEP (Community program to showcase and promote emerging artists exchange within the EU member states).

Moreover, being the map of major festivals in the world, Rockwave Festival every year attracts the biggest bands and most popular artists of the global music industry.

Over 160 international and local artists have written the history of Rockwave Festival!

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Our dears.....Ex VoluntEErs!

I am Isabelle from Düsseldorf,Germany. And I came here to Greece at the beginning of July 2011 and I will stay until the end of March 2012.
I chosed to do EVS because I wanted to get a deeper insight in the "everday life" of an other country and its culture. Also for me it sounds interesting to make connections with other young people from different countries and to learn a new language. Besides of this, it was for me also important, to get some work experience before I will decide what I want to do when I go back to Germany.
I was never before in Greece, but for me Greece seemed to be really atractive because of it warm weather and because of its beautiful islands, cities and landcapes. Also I chosed Greece because it seemed to be so different than Germany and I wanted to"experience" an other way of lifestyle. 
So for all of that i was volunteer in Edra and I worked in the bording house Hippocrates I. There, my daily tasks were to prepare the coffee and fruits with the residents. Besides of this, I coloured with them pictures and supported the stuff by outsides programm for example to the cafeteria, to the bakery, to the open market or in the summer to the sea. 

Geia Sas Koritsia kai Agoria!

Giving the first few puffs on my experience as a volunteer, my only vices that it costs me money ... I think today is a good time to enjoy the small but unrepeatable memories I have in my mind about this experience.

Im Julia from Spain, and i am volunteer in Edra. I came to Athens in September, not knowing much about the city and the country in general, so I came here with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm, while a degree of uncertainty and fear of not knowing the what could be here. The early days were exciting while somewhat stressful because I could not communicate easily with my roommates, my tutor, workers, users ... but is a barrier that every day, with effort and self confidence have been overcome.

During these months my main focus has been on the job doing what he could: have been and are still so many handicaps with which I have found that I'm mainly trying to facilitate their work and daily life in general.I realize that communication is one of the cornerstones of our work in the center, but I think people somehow we can communicate well with the language of emotions and really is very gratifying to know that somehow you communicate with a person even though they do not speak the same language. These are still one of the most intense months of my life, all is still easy because, to be honest, I was unaware that Athens was a city so great.The country is facing a critical moment and that is felt in all areas.I did not realize when I arrived, that the social and economic situation was so difficult for the country and its people but I had the opportunity to work in a new environment, meet lifestyle (Greek and English) completely different, learning a new languageand strengthen ties of friendship really is an experience that made me grow, is an opportunity for personal growth, a way to start finding my own way thanks to the confidence they give you the various project members.

All this has made me see the great need that people have, sometimes, just for a little attention, to be heard, a caress... also made me appreciate more what I have and feel happy to do something for others.

Hello everyone!

My name is Klinta, I am from Riga, Latvia. I was volunteering in Greece 9 month since April 2011 till January 2012.
I chose to do EVS, because it is great opportunity to go out from my routine environment and see something new, different, what give me new experience and change my perception of life, how different and awesome it can be! I also wanted to explore other country and culture. And it is interesting to meet a lot of people from different country’s, with different spirit of life. Also I wanted to get new experience doing my work. Before I haven’t been in Greece and my imagination about all country was different, so I also change my stereotypes about country and culture.
I was working in EDRA in the boarding house Hippocrates I. There I usually prepare the coffee and fruits with the residents. Also I color with them pictures, play Tavli and go with them outside to the cafeteria, to the bakery or to open market. Volunteering is just something great, it is chance to see, do and be active.,meet new people and spend great time! I am very, very satisfied with volunteering job and organization!
And yes, night life in Greece- never stops!
People, need to broke
everyday life, stay cool, enjoy!!! ;-)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Gazi, our neighborhood

Gazi-Keramikos Athens: The neighborhood of Gazi is replete with numerous nightclubs and remarkably elegant restaurants. This area has been named Gazi primarily due to the fact that in the past there used to be a gas factory of the same name.

The Gazi Factory was established in the year 1857. and commenced its operations from the year 1862. After more than a century of operation it finally closed down its shutters in the year 1984. 
The Gazi factoyry has the unique distinction of being the last known factory in Europe that was operated in a conventional way. At this neighborhood, one can experience an authentic community which is independent and self-sufficient. In the past, the Gazi neighborhood had every conceivable facilities that one would look forward to in a community. From the carpenter' shop to the cozy restaurant offering the very best of native cuisine, Gazi had all this and much more.
the entire area was replete with buildings that were made of stone and had distinct neoclassical features. The buildings were conspicuous by their wooden roofs with attached skylights. To further enhance the architectural beauty of the edifices, French and Bizantine tiles too were used.
The entire Gazi neighborhood has been rstoredand renovated by the city authorities. The arquitectural blueprint was designed by renowned architech Alkis Premis. In the present times, the neighborhood of Gazi serves as an industrial park an also as cultural hub.