Friday, 27 January 2012


EDRA is operating in the fields of mental health and intellectual disabilities. Our vision is to see these individuals destigmatized and integrated to the social and occupational environment.
How? We are operating a day care centre with creative activities and two mental health residences where the service users are offered an alternative way of life comparing to public services. Our activities are taking place in a professional context with the care of professionals. Throughout the year we are running, participating, organising workshops seminars, holidays, different arts groups.
Concerning EVS we are a host, sending and coordinating organisation. Within this environment we welcome EVS and local volunteers to offer their enthousiasm and will to be part of our family!

We have been working with EVS since 2005. Since then a lot has happened...and that lot has helped us all (us and our volunteers) to take a step further in life on a personal but also profesional level. It all started when one Greek ex-EVS (Kostas) decided to join and start EVS in EDRA. A great idea that was going very well with our local volunteer movements.
Since then we have received Monica from Spain, Emine from Turkey, Liis from Estonia, Charlene from France, Miranda from the Netherlands, Isabel from Spain, Mieke from Belgium, Helena from Spain, Lydia from Austria, Fransesca from Italy, Mara from Latvia, Brice from France, Aleksandra from FYROM, Carine from France, Ana from Spain, Jorge from Portugal, Marco from Italy, Sophie from the UK, katia from Poland, Rebeca from France, Margit from Lithania, Klinta from Latvia...  and much moree....
We have coorganised one EVS contact making seminar in Greece (Disabling Disabilities) and one EVS training in Finland (Disabling Disabilities II) and of course we have participated in a number of trainings related to youth work and NGOs, locally and internationally. This is just an introduction. Stay with us to hear our volunteers stories, see photos of them, us and our structures, see the EVS house and our activities!

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