Friday, 17 February 2012

Gazi, our neighborhood

Gazi-Keramikos Athens: The neighborhood of Gazi is replete with numerous nightclubs and remarkably elegant restaurants. This area has been named Gazi primarily due to the fact that in the past there used to be a gas factory of the same name.

The Gazi Factory was established in the year 1857. and commenced its operations from the year 1862. After more than a century of operation it finally closed down its shutters in the year 1984. 
The Gazi factoyry has the unique distinction of being the last known factory in Europe that was operated in a conventional way. At this neighborhood, one can experience an authentic community which is independent and self-sufficient. In the past, the Gazi neighborhood had every conceivable facilities that one would look forward to in a community. From the carpenter' shop to the cozy restaurant offering the very best of native cuisine, Gazi had all this and much more.
the entire area was replete with buildings that were made of stone and had distinct neoclassical features. The buildings were conspicuous by their wooden roofs with attached skylights. To further enhance the architectural beauty of the edifices, French and Bizantine tiles too were used.
The entire Gazi neighborhood has been rstoredand renovated by the city authorities. The arquitectural blueprint was designed by renowned architech Alkis Premis. In the present times, the neighborhood of Gazi serves as an industrial park an also as cultural hub.

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