Friday, 23 March 2012

Do you want to be VOLUNTEER in one of the biggest music festivals in Greece?? Check here!

To Rockwave Festival began its journey in 1996.

Born from the need to create a genuine pop - rock music institution in Greece. Since then, covering the most successful 16th year, the Rockwave Festival can boast that the target has been achieved, and more than a festival - an institution of our country, is the most perfect festival in Eastern Europe.
He is a member of YOUROPE (Official European Union the largest festival, with more stringent inclusion criteria, approved by Brussels) and ETEP (Community program to showcase and promote emerging artists exchange within the EU member states).

Moreover, being the map of major festivals in the world, Rockwave Festival every year attracts the biggest bands and most popular artists of the global music industry.

Over 160 international and local artists have written the history of Rockwave Festival!

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